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Banjo Tuition.

Banjo: a truly great instrument, although much maligned - 'something to throw at the accordionist etc., etc.'... If you are thinking of the Banjo as something you can only use to play 'Duelling Banjos', (or its original title, 'Feuding Banjos'), then you should probably be thinking of the Guitar as something you can only use to play 'Johnny B. Goode'.

The Banjo is capable of many things musically - so the emphasis with my teaching method is to pass on sufficient technical and theoretical knowledge to enable the student to steer his or her own course - be that traditional, alternative or somewhere in between the two...

Banjo lessons are available in one, two, three or four hour sessions. During these sessions we cover theory and practical aspects of Banjo playing.

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Learning to play an instrument for the first time in my late 30s was always going to be a challenge, but Nick's help has made it considerably easier. He spent time listening to what I wanted to achieve and has tailored his tuition to suit my ability, needs and (particularly) musical interests. He is clearly passionate about music and this translates into the lessons - they are enjoyable where they could easily have been a chore. He is helping me helping me find my own way with music, I look forward to finding out where I might end up!

Robert Boyet

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