Nick Zala 
- Pedal Steel

Bespoke Composition

Compositions can be produced in the style of the client's choice - specifically to fit their project - both in production and time line.

The length of a piece of music supplied can be anything from a 3 second “sting” or “musical logo” to a full length song and from there on to a twenty minute orchestral backdrop to video or/and voice over presentation, in short, tailor made to the client's requirements.

Compositions can also be produced in several versions and arrangements - giving a wide range of applications whilst retaining the overall theme and identity of the project or company.

An example would be as follows:

29.5 second theme/ 15 second version/5second version/3 second sting.

Also as above with a more subtle use of the established theme for use as a ”bed” for voice over to video presentation.


Please use the contact page for further details.

Nick Zala - - Pedal Steel Guitar - Banjo Tuition