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It is possible that more rubbish has been written about playing the guitar than most other subjects - almost all market forces point us towards complicated and indecipherable tomes - '6000 chords for Guitar', 'a book of silly scales no-one is ever going to need or play' complete with photographs of hugely rare guitars that most of us could only possibly aspire to owning, with a mystery hand that stretches over most of the fretboard on the cover (just to make you feel really scared).

Guitar has been my 'day job' since the 1970's - what I can tell you is that apart from turning up on time, doing a good job, and going away again equally promptly, it's important to keep your thinking as simple as possible. This view has been born out in every discussion I've been lucky enough to have with such luminaries as Joe Pass, Louis Stewart, Ike Isaacs, and Larry Carlton.

So - to make the best progress possible what is needed is straightforward thinking - a 'helicopter view' rather than a 'Sat Nav' approach. The ingredients that make music work exist whether or not you are aware of them - so you might as well be 'in the know'. On the other hand we only need to look at what is relevant to where you are musically, and where you would like to be...

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Learning to play an instrument for the first time in my late 30s was always going to be a challenge, but Nick's help has made it considerably easier. He spent time listening to what I wanted to achieve and has tailored his tuition to suit my ability, needs and (particularly) musical interests. He is clearly passionate about music and this translates into the lessons - they are enjoyable where they could easily have been a chore. He is helping me helping me find my own way with music, I look forward to finding out where I might end up!

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