Nick Zala 
- Pedal Steel

Jazz Guitar

Last year I was lucky enough to acquire a superb, mature Gibson Archtop: a 1951 L7 - somewhat battered and bruised, but, with a new set of frets and a couple of adjustments here and there, ready for action.

Looking at some of the great old (and not so old) songs, it struck me that some of the bigger arrangements rather obscured the beauty of the original chord sequences.

I played many of these songs as solo pieces - but found this a bit “intense”. The songs seemed to lose some of their humour and vitality. I discovered that with the addition of some rudimentary rhythm guitar and a bass part, the music became lively, fresh and more relevant.

So this is the format for my album, “Jazz Guitar”: stripped-back and simple arrangements from the original chord sequences with room for the music to breathe... light, bright, and above all, fun!

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