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Lap Steel Guitar

Pedal Steel Guitar before the pedals.... (and knee levers).

As with Pedal Steel there are a variety of tunings used, although the majority of players gravitate towards the following: C6, open D, open G, and open E.

Lap Steel is a great apprenticeship for aspiring Pedal Steel guitarists. Lap Steels are also great for many styles of music too, easily transportable, and relatively cheap to buy.

Lap Steel Guitar Tuition

Lap Steel lessons are available in one, two, or three hour sessions.

Please use the Contact Page for further details.


I’ve played guitar in various Rockabilly bands for over 30 years, and recently decided to learn lap steel guitar. I thought (wrongly) that this would be fairly easy as the “Lap” is tuned to a chord- but I soon realised that I was going to need some help…

I called Nick and booked a lesson. I was very impressed with his knowledge of music theory as well as his skill as both a steel and guitar player.

I’ve had a few lessons now and I’m much more comfortable with the lap steel. Also an added bonus is that I’m learning some theory and my guitar playing has improved as a result!

Mick Barry ( Wesley Karr & The Automobiles)

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