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- Pedal Steel

Online Sessions.

If you need pedal steel on your song, or songs, this can be done quickly and cost effectively- just send me the wav/mp3 of your music, along with the bpm. I can also provide guitar,banjo and mandolin parts...

Having recorded the steel/other instrument part I will then send you two Wav files- one with the track mixed together as a guide, and one with Steel (and or other instruments) on its'/their own, so you can mix or process the track exactly as you want.


Nick knows what to do when he gets a song to play on. Suits the way I've always worked, choose the right players and the notes will be just fine. I think if you have to spend a lot of time discussing details, especially with pretty straight forward music like mine, you've got the wrong people around you. He's got the online tech bit, files and all that stuff, sorted too. Clean, clear, and simple. Yeah, just the job.


Hi Nick,

Thank you so much for contributing pedal steel guitar to my new album. I'm thrilled with the results; it's added a whole new dimension to the sound of the record.

Thanks again. I hope we get to meet in the flesh some time.


Tony James Shevlin

We were introduced to Nick by our producer George Shilling and asked him to add some steel and banjo to one track on our upcoming album. We were so impressed we asked Nick to work on a second track and this time also add mandolin. The results are simply amazing. Nick's playing and composition have taken the tracks to a whole new level.

We can't recommend Nick highly enough. This is quality musicianship with real understanding and feeling for the pieces and undertaken and delivered with true professionalism and an amazing speed of turn around. We can't wait to send the new tracks to our connections at national and local radio thanks to Nick's input.

Jules Clark & Love Street

Hi Nick,

I just wanted to say that after several listens I absolutely love what you have done. A real lightness of touch and the whole solo section sounds amazing now. Really nice interplay!

Will send you the final version when it's fully mixed and mastered.

Thanks so much!

Charlie (Bateson)

Hi Nick,

This is bloody great! Thanks for some fine work

I hope you are up for some more?

Kevin Jarvis

These are great!! Loving the call and response sections! So so good ! Thanks for such a quick turn around on this dude ^_^ spurred me on to get the album finished!
All the best.

Adam Reikert

You are a truely talented and professional artist, and a pleasure to work with.

Colin Elsworth

I really am impressed with your playing and everyone loves what you've done with this song. Having a bit of trouble getting the vocals right but hoping to get it finished this week, .......... problem is, you've raised the bar now!


Thank you so much for the fantastic pedal steel playing on my song. It's turned out even better than I had hoped. It's beautifully played, tasteful and exactly what my song needed. It's also great to deal with someone so professional and nice.

I'm sure you'll be playing on more of my songs in the future.

G. Ridley

Hey Nick!

Sounds wonderful!! It's perfect. I never thought it would sound so good, and you did it so quickly!

Thanks very much!! When i finish it I will send it to you. I really want to do more country music, so I will definitely be using your services more often!

I'll be in touch, you really made the track come to life. I'm very happy!

Cheers :-)

Chris Atkins


I love it!...such a lovely sound and beautifully played. Thank you.

It will work perfectly.


(David Klotz FONDA- L.A.)

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