Nick Zala 
- Pedal Steel


Pedal Steel lessons are available in two, three or four hour sessions.

During these sessions we cover theory and practical aspects of steel playing.

Please use the Contact Page for further details.


I recently booked Nick for two days of pedal steel lessons, around 8 hours in total. I found Nick to be a thorough and inspiring tutor, I will definitely be having more lessons soon….

Jason Hart (Soul KM Music and Management)

Pedal steel lessons - Jan 2015

Nick has been a fantastic teacher over the past few months. His teaching style and approach to the pedal steel guitar are very engaging and allow you to view the instrument in a very logistical manner. I noticed an improvement in my playing,technique, and understanding of the instrument as soon as Nick and I had finished our first lesson.

I would strongly recommend Nick as a teacher to anyone considering learning the pedal steel guitar, and I've no doubt he's a dab hand on the electric guitar too!

John Budding (Goldsmiths College London)

The lesson I had with Nick was my first lap steel lesson, coming from a guitarist's perspective I decided it was time to try to understand the instrument in its own right. I left our 2 hour lesson feeling thoroughly inspired and as though I really had been opened up to a completely new way of playing. I was introduced to, and have since developed a new approach towards the lap steel and began to understand it in a way that allows a great many new possibilities to my playing. I would thoroughly recommend Nick as both a teacher and Steel player, to anyone wishing to develop their playing, theory or understanding of the instrument and its capabilities. I look forward to my next lesson!

Tomas Kaspar

As a fairly experienced standard guitar player, I asked Nick to help me with an introduction to lap steel tunings, technique as this completely new area had proved too baffling even after extensive YouTube research! What I liked about his approach was that even though the real answer to some of my questions required some in depth technical musical theory, he managed to keep his eye on the fact that the real reason for acquiring all this knowledge is to simply enjoy playing and feel the music. I'm pretty sure he could help anyone with any style of playing and type of guitar (I'm not sure he quite appreciates how much he actually knows and is capable of!) and I really enjoyed my two hour first lesson with him, which flew by!

Charlie Bateson

Nick Zala - - Pedal Steel Guitar - Banjo Tuition